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  • Playing with ChatGPT plugins

    Playing with ChatGPT plugins

    I got access to ChatGPT’s new “plugins” feature. Since we are Very Good Plugins I figured I had to take a day off to play with it. Two demos: 1. Searching a WooCommerce store, narrowing down products by available colors and sizes: 2. Developing a course outline and content via ChatGPT and then automatically creating…

  • Moist January 2023

    Moist January 2023

    Effective dates: Jan 9th – Feb 11th Stats:

  • Creating a GPT3 powered support bot for WP Fusion

    Creating a GPT3 powered support bot for WP Fusion

    I’ve been itching for a few weeks to try training a GPT3 chat bot on some of our WP Fusion support resources. We have over 400 pages of docs, 4,500 chat logs, and over 18,000 support tickets at our disposal, so there’s quite a bit of data. @gilgNYC’s tweet over the weekend about creating a…

  • Favorite fruit?

    Low hanging fruit 🍐

  • Hello world

    Hi. I’m Jack. You might know me from Very Good Plugins, WP Fusion, or Fatal Error Notify. This is my personal blog where I’ll post random things that don’t quite fit on any of my company blogs. And try to come to terms with the block editor. Cheers 🍻