Hi, I’m Jack 👋

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This is my misc. blog, where I try to come to terms with the block editor.

I also blog about marketing automation @ WP Fusion

I tweet sometimes.

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  • CMD + A + Del

    Tracy’s tweet reminded me of an experience I had recently… I mostly manage to avoid the block editor, but sometimes in debugging something, or on a customer site, I end up using it… and it’s interesting to see how it’s evolving (and how it’s not). In this case I was doing something I do all […]

  • It’s not the number of plugins…

    Elementor + 61 active plugins VultrHF server – 4Gb + 2 CPU WP Rocket Cloudflare APO 🚀🍸

  • And the winner is…..

    JetPack! 🥇