Hi, I’m Jack 👋

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This is my misc. blog, where I try to come to terms with the block editor.

I also blog about marketing automation @ WP Fusion

I tweet sometimes.

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  • Creating a GPT3 powered support bot for WP Fusion

    Creating a GPT3 powered support bot for WP Fusion

    I’ve been itching for a few weeks to try training a GPT3 chat bot on some of our WP Fusion support resources. We have over 400 pages of docs, 4,500 chat logs, and over 18,000 support tickets at our disposal, so there’s quite a bit of data. @gilgNYC’s tweet over the weekend about creating a […]

  • CMD + A + Del

    Tracy’s tweet reminded me of an experience I had recently… I mostly manage to avoid the block editor, but sometimes in debugging something, or on a customer site, I end up using it… and it’s interesting to see how it’s evolving (and how it’s not). In this case I was doing something I do all […]

  • It’s not the number of plugins…

    Elementor + 61 active plugins VultrHF server – 4Gb + 2 CPU WP Rocket Cloudflare APO 🚀🍸