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Event Blocks?

I’m trying to make sense of The Events Calendar‘s decision to allow events to be managed in the block editor.

What benefit does the end user gain by being able to drag and drop ticket metadata blocks around the admin?

Sell me this pencil.

This giant leap forward is all about empowerment. No coding chops? No sweat! With the block editor, anyone can create rich content and beautiful layouts with zero HTML or CSS required.”

The Events Calendar

Okay, cute. But what you’ve really done is broken the tribe_events_tickets_metabox_edit_main hook that lets us add an extra checkbox to the Edit Event screen.

Now you’re demanding significant coding chops and a big investment on our part to make the existing functionality work with your new draggy-droppy admin G-Block nothingness.

So the only solution we can give at this point is

If you don’t see the Add Attendees checkbox when editing your The Events Calendar events, you may need to install the Classic Editor plugin.”

– WP Fusion Support


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